Amadeus creates a tourism school in the Canary Islands

Travel Tech School has the support of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to “bridge the current gap between the business and education sectors”

BY RRHH Digital, 15:23 – 05 January 2021

This project, based on the intensive use of technologies and new teaching methodologies with which real business challenges become the cornerstone of the learning process, is the result of the agreement between Amadeus, the Clster Gran Canaria Turismo Innova , The Wise Dreams and the ULPGC, where the initial head office will be located. It also receives funding from the Gran Canaria Tourist Board and the Government of the Canary Islands.

Travel Tech School by Amadeus is a challenge-based school, which was created with the aim of training talents in transversal and highly specialized skills for the digital transformation of tourism. This project aims to bridge the current gap between the business and education sectors. Through new teaching methodologies and the intensive use of technology, the real business challenges of companies will become the cornerstone of the learning process, turning every route into as real and immersive an experience as possible, and resulting in innovations. permanent. In this way, the school becomes a business builder, where the business sector sponsors and promotes talent and innovation.

Yhe Wise Dreams Company is the result of the union of some of the strongest local businesses, such as Lopesan Hotel, San Roque University Hospitals, Astican Shipyards, Canaragua, Domingo Alonso Group, Dinosol, Dreamplace and Satocan.

The intention is to implement mixed methodologies based on real challenges that allow for customization. “In this way, we will be able to offer forms of education that the university, due to the rigidity of its degrees, sometimes does not allow,” says Eduardo Williams, co-founder of TTS. In addition, says Wiliams, there will be specific one- or two-day in-person seminars.

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