amanda gorman full poem: Read Amanda Gorman’s full poem to US President Joe Biden: Amanda Gorman poem to Joe Biden’s oath

Joe Biden was sworn in as the new US president on Wednesday. His swearing-in ceremony witnessed many historic moments. One of those moments was the name of 22-year-old Amanda Gorman. Amanda became the youngest person to recite poetry during the President’s swearing-in. He transmitted a message of solidarity through his poem “The Hill We Climb”.

Amanda said at the beginning of her poem, “When the day falls, we wonder where we can get the endless light from the shadow.” The young poet also spoke about violence in the US Parliament on Capitol Hill recently. She read poetry at the Gormon Library of Congress, Boston’s Symphony Hall, and the Observation of the Empire Estate Building. See Amanda’s full poem here

He said, “We saw a force that would destroy our country rather than share it. This effort has been successful to a large extent, but things can be delayed in democracy, but it cannot be defeated forever. In her poem, Amanda describes herself as a black girl raised by her mother. He said that I could also dream of becoming president in this country.

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