Amazon celebrates the talent of its employees this Christmas

Through the Amazon Stars competition, workers at logistics centers and stations nominated colleagues who shine with special talent while helping others, at work or in the community. After receiving more than 700 nominations, finally, Santiago Morilla, passionate about writing and drawing, Aitor de Miguel, who dedicates his free time to collaborate with charities disguised as a clown to cheer up the little ones, Silvia Mercado, who joins his passion for skateboarding with the collaboration with the NGO Rodes Mgiques, and Rubn Heras with his Flamenco Queer project, through which he opens the dialogue on gender identity in the world of Flamenco, were surprised in their centers of work by Tania Llasera, ambassador of this campaign, to receive her personalized price and the thanks of the entire Amazon team.

It was the latter, Rubón, who also experienced a last special surprise with which the company wanted to strengthen its commitment to diversity and inclusion in all its work centers. Thus, the Corral de la Morera, recognized as the best flamenco tablao in the world, hosted a gala where the winner of Amazon Stars, dressed in an exclusive total look of designer Palomo Spain, was able to enjoy a private performance. by Alba Molina which ended with Il on stage accompanying the artist’s canteen with his dance.

“I never imagined that when I went to work at Amazon Logistics, this would happen to me, and the truth is, it’s magic and a dream. I think more companies are needed, so they worry about what is happening among their workers, ”Rubn admits enthusiastically.

“At Amazon, diversity and inclusion go hand in hand, so we couldn’t be more proud to support Rubn on this initiative. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a person making their dreams come true and a company that can support them, ”said Abel Tintos, communications manager for Amazon Operations in Spain.

This difficult year for all, at Amazon they wanted to put a pin of hope and illusion by recognizing the talent and the spirit of collaboration of many of its collaborators, as well as by reinforcing their values ​​in favor of diversity and inclusion that they promote in all their centers. of work, with projects as beautiful as Flamenco Queer. Nothing better to say goodbye to 2020 than a story of improvement and dreams come true, and all with a lot of art.

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