Amazon rainforest temperature: Carbon emission from the Amazon rainforest due to global warming

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The Amazon rainforests used to be called the “lungs” of the earth and are now suffocating. According to a new study, due to deforestation, carbon dioxide emissions have increased from here, which contributes to global warming. Due to tree cutting and forest fires, the carbon sink has been replaced by carbon emissions. This study was carried out by the National Institute of Space Research of Brazil.

The team says that due to increasing global warming, incidents of inclement weather are also on the rise. Observations showed that carbon dioxide emissions have now increased in the southeastern Amazon. This area represents 20% of the whole of the Amazon. These tropical rainforests were absorbing carbon from not cutting trees, but cutting millions of trees not only reduced the means of absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but death and damage. burning trees would have emitted even more carbon dioxide. . is.

Spread over an area of ​​6.9 million square kilometers in South America, the Amazon rainforests are home to more than 40,000 plant species, 1,300 birds and 430 species of mammals. Scientists believe that 6-9% of the Earth’s oxygen comes from here.

Amazon stores 76 billion tonnes of carbon and if all the trees are felled all of that carbon will be released into the atmosphere. This would be 8 times more than the carbon emitted by human activities annually. This will obviously have disastrous consequences on the climate.

impact on the water cycle
If Amazon’s cloud systems and their ability to recycle water are disrupted, the ecosystem will deteriorate and these rainforests will turn into dry savannas. These changes can only be seen after 20 to 40 percent of the trees are cut. It is possible to plant these trees elsewhere, but it will take hundreds of years and such a large area is not available. If the circulation of water is interrupted by the cutting of trees, it cannot be restored. The consequences of forest water depletion will be visible on global climate change.

Snow changing color, rapid melting of glaciers, alarm bells!

Lost trees in the Amazon rainforest

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