Amazon turns against childhood cancer

Donate 100,000 euros to support children fighting childhood cancer in Spain through # AmazonGoesGold, a global company initiative to raise awareness and help fight childhood cancer, highlighting the work of many organizations in this area

BY RRHHDigital, 15:30 – 04 November 2020

This year, as we all face a global pandemic, more than 300,000 children will also be diagnosed with pediatric cancer. It remains the deadliest non-communicable disease in children around the world, and this year it poses an even greater risk from Covid-19. For the fourth year in a row, Amazon has participated in “Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month”, continuing its “Amazon Goes Gold” campaign.

Amazon’s various work centers around the world have participated in the #AmazonGoesGold initiative, not only to raise awareness of this situation, but also to highlight the incredible work of many organizations working to increase survival rates and find a remedy. childhood cancer. In solidarity, during the month of September, thousands of Amazon employees in Spain – as well as Europe, North America, Australia and Japan – went to work in their pajamas. Pajamas are a reminder that children with cancer have to spend long periods in the hospital, often dressed this way. Representing this dress, her uniform in the fight against cancer.

More than 5,000 Amazon employees across Spain showed up to work in their pajamas, in solidarity with children bravely fighting cancer. Amazon’s logistics centers in Illescas (Toledo) and Dos Hermanas (Seville), as well as the logistics stations in Paterna (Valencia) and Murcia, were the facilities that recorded the highest participation of their employees.

It is precisely the partners of these centers who have selected the local institutions or associations to which donations are made: the Kronos Foundation (pediatric section), the Acaye Solidarity Association, the Community Association of Parents of Children with Cancer. Valenciana (Aspanion) and the Association of Parents of Children with Cancer of the Region of Murcia (AFACMUR). These donations are supplemented by those made to the Sant Joan de Deu Hospital, the Nio Jess University Children’s Hospital and the Madrid Children’s Oncology Association (Asion).

“Thanks to the Amazon Goes Gold donation, it will be possible to immediately start projects for the early detection of colorectal cancer in children and adolescents,” says Andrs Castillo Sanz, director of pediatric innovation at the hospital. Ariadna Celigeta, Community Relations Manager for Operations in Spain, adds: “Each year thousands of Amazon employees around the world participate in this initiative, with which we seek to improve the lives of children with cancer. , at the same time. that we raise awareness of this disease which affects so many children and so many families around the world. “

In Spain, Amazon has donated more than 100,000 euros to local institutions and initiatives in the fight against childhood cancer. In addition, this year alone, Amazon has donated more than $ 4 million to global research institutes and other organizations.

More information on “Amazon Goes Gold” here.

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