amazon turns into river of gold: river of gold, amazon river in gold

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The second largest river in the world was seen in gold color from Amazon space, NASA released a photo of the Amazon River taken by the International Space Station.
The image of the Amjon River turning gold is going viral on the Internet. This photo is taken from the International Space Station in space. According to the NASA Earth Observatory website, this golden glow is visible due to the sunlight in hundreds of dirty water pits in the river. Explain that in many countries, including Brazil and Peru, gold is mined in large quantities even today from the Amazon River. In terms of length, the Amazon River is second in the world after the Nile.

That’s the reason the river turns to gold
NASA’s Earth Observatory has reported that every shining pool is a gold prospecting pit. Here is the search for gold now or first. They were dug in the gold mine by local miners from neighboring areas. Justin Wilkinson of Texas State University said each pit was surrounded by mud water and vegetation. This river accumulates many metals, including gold, due to the flow of water in its sediments.

Peru is the largest gold mining country
These photos show the Amazon River flowing through the state of Madre de Dios, Peru. This region is one of the largest independent gold mining industries in the world. Here, almost every member of the family digs a pit on the banks of the Amazon River and searches for gold. More than 30,000 gold miners work illegally in the region. Which is against government rules here.

Millions of people depend on the river because of poverty
The river is a boon for the poor mining workers living in this region of Peru. Because poverty is very high in this Latin American country. However, it is nothing less than an illegal mining curse for the future of the Amazon River. There is also a lack of paved roads to get from one place to another. During rainy days, even the main roads turn into swamps. Due to which the traffic here is almost stopped.

Deforestation in search of gold
According to a 2011 study in the journal PLOS One, a large amount of deforestation has been carried out in the region due to gold mining. This not only disrupted the flow of the river, but also increased the crisis for its inhabitants. Previously, due to the trees, soil erosion was reduced when the Amazon flooded, now this river wants to make its way there.

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