Amazon will create 3,000 new jobs in Spain and close 2021 with more than 15,000 permanent employees

Amazon will create 3,000 new jobs in Spain and close 2021 with more than 15,000 permanent employees

Amazon has announced that during 2021 it will create 3,000 new permanent jobs in Spain, bringing its workforce to a total of 15,000 employees. These new positions include all types of profiles and training levels, from entry-level positions in operations to software developers and engineers, business leaders, data scientists and machine learning, as well as cloud experts and solution architects working on Amazon. Web Services.

“We are incredibly proud to continue to create jobs in Spain as we expand our network and operations in the country to meet the trust placed in us by millions of customers, as well as thousands of Spanish SMEs that sell their products in Our Ten years after the launch of, our commitment in Spain is stronger than ever and we are delighted to continue to generate attractive employment opportunities and to contribute to the economic recovery ”, underlined Mariangela Marseglia, vice -President and Managing Director of Amazon in Italy and Spain.

By the end of 2020, Amazon had helped create jobs for more than 100,000 people in Spain, including indirect positions in its supply chain, including, for example, construction, real estate and professional services, but also people working for the 9,000 Spaniards. SMEs that currently sell in Amazon stores.

“In Amazon tenemos the opportunity to create the manera en que miles de personas y empresas compran y venden productos online, y eso es una fuente de inspiracin extraordinaria para seguir innovando cada da”, explained Juan Barbero, manager of proyectos y uno de losresponsables del Programa Despega. “En el contexto actual de la pandemia, tuve la oportunidad de formar parte de Despega, un programa diseado para apoyar a las pymes ya los emplendedores espaoles a desarrollar habilidades y competencias para tener xito vendiendo online y expandir sus negocios por Europa y the world. Working on this initiative made me realize even more the importance of digitization as a key driver of economic recovery. Even after more than 5 years working in various teams, for us it’s still like the first day. “

Since Amazon started operating in Spain in 2011, the company has invested more than € 6,800 million in infrastructure and facilities, shipping and transportation, salaries and employee benefits, as well as other logistical expenses. In 2020 alone, the company invested more than 2,500 million euros to improve its processes, its salaries and to guarantee reliable and punctual service to its customers.

Investments, competitive advantages and training for employees in Spain

Amazon offers cutting-edge benefits such as private health insurance, employee discounts, and a pension plan. Amazon also offers permanent employees of fulfillment centers an innovative program called CareerChoice, which provides funding for adult education, offering up-front payment of 95% of tuition and fees associated with nationally recognized courses, up to to 8,000 euros in four years.

“You have many doors open to advance your career. Amazon helps you find your way, work on your skills and most of all improve your weaknesses. You have a voice and the ability to make improvements and develop projects on your own. It allows you to combine your professional and personal life, although many of us love and are so passionate about working at Amazon that we can’t stop thinking about future projects, improvements to come, changes that can create a real impact, etc. Says Berta Puig Domenjo, a trainer at one of Amazon’s logistics centers in Barcelona.

Amazon’s logistics network in Spain covers more than 30 centers. In 2020, the company opened two new logistics centers in Dos Hermanas (Seville) and Alcal de Henares (Madrid), as well as three logistics stations in Murcia, Rub (Barcelona) and Legans (Madrid). The company’s logistics footprint will continue to grow in 2021 with two new logistics centers in Murcia and Illescas, which will feature the latest Amazon Robotics technology focused on employee health and well-being. Amazon also announced the opening of five logistics stations in Alicante, Tarragona, Barcelona, ​​Montcada and Mollet del Valls, in order to increase its offer and improve the support it provides to its sales associates, while creating new new quality jobs in the regions where Opera.

“Not only are large urban areas benefiting from the economic impact of Amazon, as small towns and villages in different regions of Spain are also seeing how Amazon is helping them reduce their unemployment rates. We also welcome a large number of young people who may have difficulty securing employment in the current economic climate. The fallout from Amazon’s activities, in addition to our direct investments, have contributed 8.3 billion euros to the country’s GDP over the past 10 years, ”commented Marseglia.

Amazon is seeing its TechHubs grow rapidly in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​where nearly 600 software developers, computer engineers and data scientists work on applications for Amazon Business, Kindle and books, retail and artificial intelligence. To meet growing customer demand for Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services in the Iberian Peninsula, AWS will open the AWS Europe (Spain) Region in mid-2022, ahead of schedule.

The new AWS Europe (Spain) Region, which represents an additional € 2.5 billion investment by AWS in the country over the next 10 years, will enable customers to run workloads and store data in completely secure in Spain, while serving end users with even lower latency. . This new investment will also increase Spain’s GDP by around € 1.8 billion and create 1,300 new jobs over the next 10 years.

Amazon was recognized as “Top Employer 2021” for the quality of the working environment and the human resources programs offered to Amazon employees in Spain. The company was also selected by Randstad as “the most attractive company to work for in Spain” and was included by LinkedIn in its first list of “Best companies: the 25 best companies to work for in Spain”.

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