Ambergris price: whale vomited from ambergris found in Yemen by fishermen

The lives of 35 Yemeni fishermen were changed when they discovered “floating gold” in the sea. In February, this group of fishermen received reports that the carcass of a drilling fish had been found floating in the sea. the Gulf of Aden. After that, he realized that with this he could get such an invaluable thing that is worth lakhs.

This thing is veal fish vomit. If you find it strange to hear this, then your senses will surely fly away after hearing its value. The cost of one kg of this is over 35,000 pounds, or 36 lakh rupees.

A fisherman found “floating gold” in Thailand, the value of this vomit from the well is Rs 2 crore 42 lakh
When these fishermen from Al-Khaisa found Well’s body, he was cut up and seen inside. A 127 kg piece of vomit was found in his stomach. For this he received 11 lakh pounds, or more than 11 crore rupees. The smell coming from the well made these fishermen think that one could find ambergris inside. These people not only distributed this money among themselves, but also gave it to other needy people in the village.

The lives of these people in war-torn Yemen are starting to change. From better quality homes and vehicles to basic necessities, now it’s easy to respond. Ambergris is considered extremely valuable. It is also smuggled into many parts of the world. In India, too, the cost of a kilogram of vomit is in crores. Ambergris is a solid flammable substance, similar to wax. Underwater, fish eat a lot of these creatures that have sharp beaks and shells. Ambergris is important so that the inside of the well does not get injured while eating them.

Thailand: a fisherman found a “marine treasure”, a vomit worth 25 crore!
It is used in the perfume industry. The alcohol it contains is used to make expensive brand perfumes. With its help, the smell of perfume can be preserved for a long time. Therefore, its price is very high. Even scientists called it floating gold. The fisherman who obtained this coin in Thailand was offered Rs 25 crore by the trader if the quality was found to be good.

Thailand: a woman walked on the beach, smelled “floating gold”, vomited from fish to wells would make millionaires

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