Ambie White Noise, the best white noise app for Windows 10

White noise has become very popular in recent years. This type of sound has been shown to improve people’s concentration or relaxation during certain activities. Thus, many applications have emerged and this time we are going to talk about Ambie White Noise for Windows 10.

Ambie White Noise is an application created by Daniel Paulino, a Microsoft engineer, using UWP and WinUI technologies with the premise that “less is more”. Therefore, we will not find unnecessary features or a complex design to use. In addition, we see that there is an excellent work of optimization in terms of the use of material resources.

I just wanted to show how well Ambie performs on my 4GB / 64GB Surface Go 2 (lowest model). The native performance is so good. It makes the UX immersive and enjoyable. I love it when apps work well on my Go 2. Curious how it works? Discover Ambie’s github:

– Daniel 🇨🇦 (@kid_jenius) February 6, 2021

Ambie White Noise has 13 sounds that can be mixed

When we open the app we will find a sample of thirteen sounds: rain, birds, bonfire, white noise … Each of them can help us improve our concentration or help us relax depending on the situation in which we are.

For example, it’s quite common to use white noise to improve concentration when studying or working. On the other hand, the sound of the bonfire is also common to relax before getting ready for sleep.

Recording a mixture of sounds in Ambie White Noise

In addition, we can do our own mixes by playing several of these sounds at the same time. At the bottom of Ambie White Noise, we’ll have a soundbar for everyone to adjust the volume and improve those mixes. We will have the option to save them for later use or share them via a link.

Mini player, timer, screensaver mode and more

Ambie White Noise has a mini player, so that we can always keep the app in the foreground without disturbing us when we are working. Besides, it has a timer, so we can indicate the playing time before it stops. This is very useful, for example, if we use the app before going to sleep.

Mini reader when using Microsoft Word

The “screen saver mode” puts the application in full screen with the background corresponding to the audio clip being played. The goal is to increase concentration and avoid being distracted while using the Windows 10 device.

Apart from these 13 sounds, we will be able to acquire more samples from the sound catalog. In this way, Ambie White Noise avoids overloading the application and leaves the sounds it wants to use in the hands of the user. In addition, these will be synchronized with the mixes thanks to the integration of the Microsoft account.

Developer: Jenius Apps

Price: free +

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