AMD overtakes Intel in desktop share for the first time in 15 years

We knew AMD was doing it right, but yesterday they got the news from PassMark. For the first time in the past 15 years, AMD has overtaken Intel in terms of market share in desktop processors. This marks another step for AMD in closing the gap in what was once the clear leader in consumer CPUs.

AMD Changes Roles and Outperforms Intel on Desktops

Benchmarking giant PassMark Software’s latest results for the first quarter of 2021 shows AMD topped 50.8% of the global desktop processor market, leaving Intel with 49.2%. . The last time AMD was ahead was in the first quarter of 2006, although its 53.9% lead at the time only lasted a quarter.

Chipzilla reported that Intel still leads the laptop segment with an 83.8% share. The other area where those in Santa Monica are sweeping is in servers where Intel has 98.6 percent, AMD only 1.4 percent.

However, looking at all processors, AMD’s new lead in desktops means that the gap between it and Intel is the smallest (around 22.2%) in the past 15 years.

PassMark notes that their data is made up of thousands of PerformanceTest benchmarks (here), and because their software only runs on the Windows operating system, the graphics do not reflect non-Windows users.

We have seen AMD catch up with Intel since launching its first family of Ryzen processors in 2017. With each generation of architecture, it has come closer putting more and more pressure on Intel.

Intel also has the added concern of the 5nm Zen 4 which will arrive later this year. Its Rocket Lake processors, which use a variant of Sunny Cove dosed with the 14nm process, will arrive in March.

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