amendment of the personal water law: relaxation of life, consumption of alcohol … the UAE has made big changes in Islamic laws – the water allows unmarried couples to live together and the consumption of alcohol has made great changes in Islamic personal law

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The UAE has made major changes to Islamic personal law that would allow couples without marriage to live together, as well as allow people over 21 to drink alcohol, and the softening of the administrators behind the changes Islamic laws.
The UAE made major changes to Islamic personal law, making a landmark decision on Saturday. Under these changes, couples without marriage will be allowed to live together. Apart from that, the restrictions on alcohol were relaxed and honor killing was classified as a felony.

The decision to change strict Islamic laws is seen as an attempt by the rulers of the emirate to keep pace with the changing times. Along with these changes, another important announcement has been made in the US mediation in which efforts will be made to improve relations between the UAE and Israel. This will increase the influx of Israeli tourists to the UAE and pave the way for investment in the UAE.

Discount on Muslim Drinks and Housekeeping
Among the changes announced on Saturday, strict alcohol rules have been relaxed. From now on, a person 21 years of age or older will not be fined for consuming alcohol, selling or possessing alcohol. Previously, people had to obtain permits to buy, transport or store alcohol in their homes. Under the new rules, Muslims who were prohibited from drinking alcohol were also allowed to drink alcohol.

Singles Allowed To Live In ‘Livin’
Apart from that, under another amendment, the freedom to “live together without married couples” was given. It has long been a serious crime category in the UAE. Although in a city like Dubai the administration was a bit relaxed about foreigners living live, but there was a risk of punishment.

Changes to honor killing laws
The UAE government also made major changes to the laws under which crimes such as honor killings were protected. According to the old law, a man survived after attacking a female relative only if he proved that the woman was playing against the house.

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