America China is biggest threat to America and the rest of the world: US director of intelligence – China is biggest threat to America and the rest of the world, says US director of intelligence

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Outgoing Director of US National Intelligence John Ratcliffe warned China China is the greatest threat to America and other free countries, John Ratcliffe said China has stolen intellectual property from US companies from Washington.
Outgoing US National Intelligence Director John Ratecliffe said China is the biggest threat to the US and other free countries since World War II. Ratcliffe’s statement came on Thursday as President Donald Trump’s administration makes an anti-China statement on newly elected President Joe Biden to maintain a firm stance against Beijing.

In a column published Thursday in the “Wall Street Journal,” Ratcliffe wrote: “The intelligence department is clear that Beijing intends to dominate the United States and the rest of the world in economic, military and technological terms.” He said that many of the big Chinese initiatives and many big companies are just disguises for the activities of the Chinese Communist Party and he calls this behavior espionage and theft.

He said China had stolen intellectual property from American companies, made replicas of their technology, and then replaced American companies in the global market. Trump administration officials have been talking about anti-China for several months, and especially during the presidential election, President Donald Trump has also held China responsible for the spread of the Corona virus infection on several occasions. , claiming that Biden was indulgent towards China. Can. Newly-elected President Biden agrees that China does not respect international trade rules.

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