America News: 2020 US Election Outcome: Secret Service Increases Security for Biden, Agents Also Deployed at Election Office – US Secret Service Strengthens Biden Security for Joe Biden and Campaign HQ in Delaware

The secret services were tightened around Joe Biden by the secret services of the security agency of the American president. The Secret Service is believed to have made the move given Joe Biden’s decisive lead in the US presidential election. There are reports that an additional team of agents have been deployed by the Secret Service to protect Biden’s advertising office in Wilmington, Delaware.

Agents are also assigned to the electoral office
Joe Biden is believed to be able to announce his presidential victory before Friday. In such a situation, the level of security has been improved to cope with any violence and taking into account the safety of the future president. At the same time, contingents of local police and paramilitary forces were also deployed around the office.

Secret Service has been managing Biden’s security since July
The Secret Service has been under his protection since the Democratic Party announced Joe Biden as its presidential candidate in July. However, from the election campaign to victory, the secret service circle is a bit loose. The secret services increase their security as soon as the candidate’s chances of winning increase.

Result of the US presidential election LIVE: Biden’s victory almost fixed, security strengthened

Secret services work
The Secret Service is protecting the President of the United States, the White House, senior US high security officials and high-level leaders visiting the United States. This agency operates under the Department of Homeland Security. Whose main task is to protect dignitaries.

Biden overtakes Trump in Georgia-Pennsylvania, very close to victory

Biden calls for patience
Former Vice President Biden also called on the public to be patient until the vote count is complete. US President Trump has claimed that if only “ valid votes ” had been counted, he would have easily won the thorny presidential election. Speaking to a White House press conference, Trump said the outcome of the US presidential election would ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court, as he planned to file a full-scale complaint against the alleged election rigging.

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