America News: 2020 US Election Results: Trump furious with his legal team, court bets don’t work either – Donald Trump unhappy with legal team impact on US election count

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No candidate has yet secured an absolute majority in the U.S. presidential election, with Democratic candidate Joe Biden poised to win, Trump still looking very stomped.
In the United States, courts in two states have dealt Donald Trump a hard blow over the presidential election count. Trump had appealed to the courts in Michigan and Georgia to stop the census, alleging rigging. But the court dismissed his appeal as unfounded. Trump has been raging within his legal team ever since.

The legal team can be commissioned from someone else
According to a CNN report, President Trump can command his campaign legal team and give an experienced person legal and tactical tactics. Recently, Trump had expressed his anger at his legal team and asked why they didn’t appear united. He asked his electoral team to look for an experienced person who can vigorously put his party in court.

Two veterans lead Trump’s legal team
Trump’s legal team is currently led by Rudy Giuliani and former Florida attorney general Pam Bodies. These two are counted among Trump’s staunch advocates. However, their credibility was eroded after appeals from the courts of two states were dismissed. In such a situation, Trump now wants to bet on knowledge of another law.

What is Trump’s intention
Trump wants states like Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia and Michigan to interfere with the court tally. Trump won those states in the last election. But, in the election of this time, Democratic candidate Joe Biden leads from here. For this reason, Trump has repeatedly repeated corruption when tallying election results.

Georgia extended the wait for the result
The count of the presidential elections in America is not yet complete. There are at least four states where the fight between Donald Trump and Joe Biden continues. Meanwhile, the US state of Georgia announced a second vote count. In such a situation, the suspense over the new American president increased.

Democratic candidate in the lead in the Republican stronghold
Georgia is considered a stronghold of the Republican Party. Also in the last election, only Donald Trump won in this state. However, this time around, the vote seemed to shatter perception and Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden led the way with 1,579 votes. Meanwhile, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffenspar has announced that he will be counting the ballots again.

Biden overtakes Trump in Georgia-Pennsylvania, very close to victory

50 million votes, but a few thousand mergers
Brad Raffensper said the fight between the two candidates in Georgia continues. About 50 lakh people voted here, but we only have a few thousand mergers. Therefore, it was decided to proceed with the counting of the votes in the State again. Again, counting will take time. In such a situation, the outcome of the US election should take longer.

Result of the US presidential election LIVE: Biden’s victory almost fixed, security strengthened

What does Biden’s victory mean
If Biden wins the Georgia election, it would be considered his biggest victory in the entire country. Because this state has been the bastion of the Repubalkin Party from the start. The people of this state won the Republican candidate for the last election. This time, we see that this perception is shattered. For the Republican Party, it will be no less than a major crisis.

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