America News: 2020 US Presidential Election Results: Trump or Biden? Why the image has not been clear so far – 2020 US election result Donald Trump will win or Joe Biden, why we do not yet know the result

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The count of the US presidential election is still going on, no contest has been clear on a candidate’s victory so far over Trump and Biden; DelayWashington
It has been over 11 hours since the US presidential election began on the 2020 vote count. But still no picture has been clear on the election result. None of Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s candidates have yet managed to reach the magic number of 270. After decades in America, such situations have arisen that even after so long the vote count has taken place, no decision has taken place. was taken for victory and defeat.

No sign of victory yet
Neither Trump nor Biden’s victory has been clear in the vote count so far. This delay is due to the large number of postal ballots this time. Since the postal count takes longer. Whereas, so far, all polls carried out at polling stations by electronic means have been counted. This is the reason why no candidate claims to have won so far.

Tough fight between Trump and Biden in the swing state
In the State of American Swing, the thud between Trump and Joe Biden continues. Georgia, Texas, Ohio, Visconis, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona, and Nevada are states that play an important role in the US presidential election. Know where it is now

Florida: Donald Trump should win in this state. However, the full counting of the votes remains to be done. A large number of people of Cuban American descent in Miami-Dade County support Trump.

Arizona: The state has not voted the Democratic Party in a presidential election, even once since 1996. But this time, Latin American youth appear to be supporting Biden. Therefore, despite being a traditional stronghold of Trump’s party, the case appears to be stuck.

Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania: Postal bulletins have yet to begin counting in these states. It may take a few more days. If a candidate does not get a decisive advantage over the victories of Trump and Biden in the remaining 48 states, the result may have to wait a long time.

In which states Donald Trump has the upper hand in the US election, where Joe Biden wins

How many votes does it take to win the presidential election?
To win the presidency in the United States, Donald Trump or Joe Biden would have to obtain more than 50% of the votes of the electoral colleges. The Electoral College has 538 votes in the United States. This means that any candidate will need to get 270 votes or more to win.

2020 US election result LIVE: Thorny collision in progress, Biden overtakes Trump again

The Supreme Court can take the case
President Donald Trump has already indicated he will appeal to the Supreme Court immediately after the vote. In such a situation, there may also be a delay in the court decision. It is believed that Donald Trump could benefit if the case goes to court. Because he appointed four judges during his tenure. With the exception of one Amy Barrett, the other three judges will attend the hearing.

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