America News: … Biden is about to ‘tighten’ Donald Trump’s mask as soon as he becomes president! Signaled – Joe Biden to implement coronavirus prevention plan after winning US election, mask will also be mandatory for Donald Trump

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BidenAmericans may be required to wear masks in public places as soon as they win the US presidential election.
Democratic candidate Joe Biden is on the verge of victory in the US presidential election. In such a situation, he has already indicated when addressing his supporters that shortly after becoming president, he will implement strict provisions for the prevention of the Corona virus. There are record cases of the corona virus in the United States these days. In such a situation, the biggest challenge that awaits Biden is to save the country from this dangerous epidemic.

Trump has repeatedly refused to wear masks
Republican candidate and current President Donald Trump has been accused of spoiling the Corona virus outbreak. He also openly advocated against wearing masks. Trump’s take on the lockdown has not been positive either. They saw it as an obstacle to the progress of the country. However, many other experts, including Dr. Fauci, America’s foremost infectious disease expert, have criticized Trump’s decisions.

… so Trump must also wear a mask
If Donald Trump loses the election and Joe Biden refuses to use masks in public places as soon as he becomes president, then Trump will have to wear masks as well. As of now, Trump has appeared in most public gatherings without a mask, being the President of the United States.

Mask wearers are more infected: Trump said
At the NBC News town hall event in Miami during the US presidential election campaign, Trump said people wearing face masks were more infected with the crown. However, he gave no convincing reason to prove his claim.
Trump threw a mask at the rally and threw it at supporters
Donald Trump addressed a rally at Cambria County Airport in Johnstown during the campaign after recovering from the Corona virus. At this rally, he took off his face mask and threw it towards the supporters. Previously, Trump had removed his mask in front of reporters after recovering from Corona.
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Why did Trump refuse to wear masks?
Those close to Trump have said the president is worried this time that wearing a mask will make him appear weak. In the presidential election, Trump didn’t want public attention to be focused on the public health crisis, rather than being financially clawed back. For this reason, he has also made several statements about the mask on several occasions.

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