America News: China, United States and India have obtained 60% of anti-covid vaccines 19 in the world: WHO – which, China, America and India have obtained 60% of anti-covid vaccines kovid 19 in the world

(Yoshita Singh)

United Nations, June 5 (PTI) Only three countries, China, the United States and India, have received nearly 60% of the two billion anti-Covid-19 vaccines distributed so far worldwide, a said a senior adviser to the World Health Organization. said. .

Bruce Eliward, senior adviser to WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, gave the information at a press conference on Friday.

He said: “This week we will have more than two billion vaccines… We will cross the remarkable two billion vaccine mark in terms of the number of vaccines and new vaccines against Covid-19.” These have been distributed in over 212 countries.

He said: “If we look at the two billion vaccines, over 75% of the doses were received by just 10 countries. Even 60 percent of the vaccines were received by three countries, China, America and India.

Aliward said Kovax has been instrumental in distributing Covid-19 vaccines to 127 countries and launching vaccination campaigns in many countries.

He said that 60% of the two billion vaccines received by China, India and the United States were “bought and used in the country”.

Eliward said only 0.5 percent of vaccines went to low-income countries which represent 10 percent of the world’s population.

“The problem now is that the vaccine supply is disrupted. Problems in India and other countries are creating obstacles and it is becoming increasingly difficult to fill the void.

“We expect the Serum Institute of India to resume vaccine supply at least in the fourth quarter,” he said.

SII, the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer, is a key supplier of AstraZeneca vaccines for Covax. The supply of Covax vaccines has been cut off due to the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India.

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