america news: Donald Trump has told more than 20,000 lies in less than 4 years, these three are the most –

Donald Trump lied more than 20,000 during his four-year presidential term. According to fact-checking website PolitiFact, more than half of Trump’s statements since 2016 have been false. According to the Washington Post database, he has made a number of false statements over the days since taking office.

Build the strongest economy (407 times)
Trump has claimed at least 407 times during his four-year tenure that he has built the strongest U.S. economy. The truth is, Trump had a stronger economy than Eisenhower, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Bill Clinton during his tenure.

Claiming to build a wall on the Mexican border (262 times)
Trump, since the start of his tenure to spread nationalist ideology, had announced the construction of a large wall to prevent illegal migrants from entering the Mexican border. They keep saying that the construction of this wall will be finished soon. While the reality is that the construction of a concrete wall has now started, parts of the already existing fence have been enlarged.

No collusion with Russia (236 times)
Donald Trump has said since the election that he made no deal with Russia in the 2016 presidential election. While Müller’s report claimed his Russian colleagues conspired to discredit Hillary Clinton in order to win Trump over. However, Mueller could not prove it in court.

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