America News: Hacker penetration into US government network is high, it will take months to remove – experts can take months to hunt hackers breaking into US government networks

After the cyberattack began in the United States in March, it may take months to kick out the hackers who are secretly entering government networks. The experts have said so. These hackers are believed to be Russian. Experts say there is a dearth of qualified teams to properly identify all government and private sector systems suspected of being hacked.

Experts said a serious problem
FireI, a cybersecurity company that has detected intrusions into U.S. agencies, has already reported dozens of such incidents and is trying to find out more. Bruce Schneier, a leading cybersecurity expert, said we have a serious problem. We do not know in which network they (hackers) are intruded and to what extent. Where do they have access?

Hackers will take a long time to remove
Dmitry Alperovich, co-founder and former CTO of cybersecurity firm Crowd Strike, said we would reject them. It will take a long time. Schneier said the first step would be to eliminate them. The only way to keep the network secure is to go back to its roots and rebuild it.

Last Sunday, American institutions were attacked
Significantly, information about the cyberattack on the US Department of Finance and Commerce came to light on Sunday. Officials said the cyberattack has been going on for nearly a month, which could be detected on Sunday. It is feared that Russia carried out this cyberattack, but Russia categorically denied it.

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