America News: Russia threatens US and Chinese rival, Biden showed attitude before becoming president – Joe Biden calls Russia as the biggest threat and China is our biggest competitor

Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden has just started showing his attitude in the US presidential election. He said on Monday that Russia was America’s greatest security and alliance threat. At the same time, he called China the biggest rival. Calling Biden’s statement a threat, Russia said it was an attempt to inspire hatred towards us.

Biden did not see China as a threat!
Biden said in an interview with US news channel CBS: “I think Russia is still the biggest threat to America in terms of security and breaking our alliance.” Second, I think the biggest rival is China. And it depends on how we manage. This will determine whether we are competitors or whether we are more serious competition exerting force.

Biden accused of taking funds from Russia
During the last presidential debate, Trump claimed that Biden received $ 3.5 million from Russia through Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump also alleged that Biden’s son Hunter had a business relationship with Elena Beturina, wife of former Moscow mayor Yuri Lajkov. Biden denied Trump’s claims, saying he didn’t take a single dime from foreign sources.

Russia has denied the allegations
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said it was an entirely false accusation. We completely disagree with that. We regret the promotion of hatred against Russia. Our country is presented as an enemy. this is not true.

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