America News: Trump feared a mess in the vote count again, said – how far behind did you win yesterday? – Donald Trump says his leads magically disappeared after surprise ballots counted in 2020 US election

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When counting the US election, Trump once again expressed the possibility of rigging the vote count, Trump asked – How did we suddenly fall behind where we were? Trump accused of counting bad ballots in Democratic Party-led states
In the United States, the 2020 presidential election is in full swing. Tight competition is observed between Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden. So far, no candidate has achieved the magic number of 270 in the vote count. At the same time, Donald Trump tweeted again that there is a possibility of disruption in the vote count.

Accused of rigging by tweeting
Trump tweeted that he was ahead of almost every state controlled by the Democratic Party last night. Then, one by one, they began to magically disappear. He asked how counted bad ballots were. He described it as completely wrong. Trump said how he suddenly got back to where he was winning yesterday.

Donald Trump prepares to go to court
Trump called the election a hoax with the American public and frankly said we won that election. He also said he planned to go to the Supreme Court to stop the vote count. Without citing disruptions in the electoral process, the president said everything suddenly stopped. It’s a fraud with the American public. It is the shame of the country. We won this election.

Trump prepares to go to Supreme Court
Trump said in his White House speech Wednesday that millions of people voted for us. A group of desperate people try to discourage people from another group. We were getting ready for a big party. We were winning. But suddenly everything changed. He said he would go to the Supreme Court. He said our goal now was to ensure integrity for the good of this country. This is a great moment. It is a big fraud with our country. We want the law to be used appropriately. So we’re going to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Biden’s legal team is also ready
Reacting to this, Biden’s campaign manager called Trump’s statement scandalous, unprecedented and inaccurate. The mainstream American media criticized the president. Criticizing the president’s decision, The New York Times said no elected leader has the right to order the vote count. He also said that our legal team was also fully up to challenge him.

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