America News: Trump or Biden: who wants to see victory in the US presidential election? – 2020 US election result Donald Trump vs Joe Biden, what are the implications for Pakistan

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The whole world is watching the outcome of the US presidential election, but the picture is not clear. Pakistan does not want to win the trump, that is Biden’s big hope. The verdict can come late at night
In the United States, the 2020 presidential election is in full swing. Tight competition is observed between Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden. So far, no candidate has achieved the magic number of 270 in the vote count. The whole world is watching the US presidential election. Almost every country wants to see Trump or Biden’s victory based on their profit and loss.

Pakistan wants to see Biden win!
Pakistan also wants Donald Trump not to win this time around. For, during his four-year tenure, relations between America and Pakistan deteriorated. In the last days of Barack Obama’s tenure, Pakistan’s relations with America were not as bad as they are today. Trump has taken Pakistan’s name directly on several occasions because of terrorism. In such a situation, Pakistan does not want them to win the elections again.

Pakistan hopes for improved relations
Experts who monitor Pakistan’s foreign policy say it will be good news for Pakistan if it is sworn in at Biden’s White House on January 20, 2021. Joe Biden can take relations with Pakistan to a new level in his policy foreign. In such a situation, it is hoped that during Biden’s tenure, relations between Pakistan and America will be better than today.

Pakistani expert said – Biden will help us
Talat Masood, a retired Pakistani military lieutenant general and senior analyst in political-military affairs, said that US relations with Pakistan were unlikely to be fully corrected after Biden became president of the United States. United States. We must not live in this hope at all. He said Biden will restore the dignity of all international organizations. It will help Pakistan.

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If Trump wins, he will act against Muslim countries!
Another Pakistani analyst said if Trump is elected for a second term, he could gain more confidence. With which they can take tougher action against Muslim-majority countries, including Pakistan. Trump has already enacted several laws regarding citizens from Muslim countries.

2020 US Presidential Election Results: Trump or Biden? Why the picture has not been clear so far

Nobody will win
Michael Kugelman, deputy director of the South Asia program at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, said that Trump and Biden both share the same vision for Pakistan and South Asia. In such a situation, I don’t think we will see much change after the elections in South Asia. He said Trump believes in pursuing American interests at all costs, regardless of the global consequences. At the same time, Biden relies more on diplomacy and global cooperation.

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