America News: Trump talks about how the US Supreme Court should intervene like the 2000 election? – US Supreme Court expected to step in as US primary election in 2000, know why Donald Trump saying this

Donald Trump has been accused of having repeatedly rigged the count for the US presidential election. His legal team has also filed an appeal to stop counting in at least four states. Courts in two of those states also dismissed his appeal. Donald Trump has repeatedly said that the way the court intervened in the 2000 election, he should do the same this time around. Know what happened during the 2000 US presidential election …

What Happened in the 2000 Presidential Election
In the 2000 US presidential election, George W. Bush was in the fray for the Republican Party, while the Democratic Party appointed him as two-time vice president, Al Gore, ahead of him. At that point, Al Gore received about one percent more popular votes than George W. Bush, but the Supreme Court stepped in and declared Bush the winner.

The court had told the candidate with fewer votes the winner
Five justices of the United States Supreme Court have ruled in favor of Bush and four justices have ruled against him. Consequently, George W. Bush was declared the winner in view of the majority decision. However, even then there was a great deal of opposition to the court’s intervention in the US elections. Bush received 47.9% of the popular vote while Al Gore received 48.4%.

This time too he wants to play the trump
Currently, six members of the Supreme Court are Conservatives, three of whom were appointed by Trump. Things were different in the United States in 2000. At that time Bush was ruling in Florida and approached the court to stop the vote count. Trump will have to persuade the Supreme Court to bypass votes in two or more states to prevent his rival and Democratic candidate Joe Biden from becoming president.

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The chief justice does not want to hear the election
Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is in favor of keeping political branches of government away from the court. He thinks the policy can damage the reputation of the tribunal. On the other hand, Trump, who claimed to have rigged the election, said we would go to the US Supreme Court. He tweeted that the US Supreme Court should decide.

Biden says – We’ll win over 300 seats, Trump said – I can also say

Biden’s decisive lead in the count
Meanwhile, Biden appears to be getting closer to victory in the White House. The Pennsylvania court allowed three additional days to receive the votes and count the votes by mail. Trump opposed the decision. As the case continues, the state’s senior electoral official has ordered that votes cast until 5 p.m. Friday be counted separately.

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Trump supporters have filed complaints in many states
The election campaigns of Trump and Republican leaders have presented legal challenges in many states, but most of these lawsuits are small-scale and will not affect many votes. Trump and his election campaign have talked about taking more legal action and alleged election fraud. On the other hand, Biden’s campaign called the ongoing lawsuits baseless.

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