America News: Trump will go to court to claim he rigged in US presidential election, Biden said – so are we – Donald Trump will go to Supreme Court to rig in 2020 US primary election, Joe Biden says our legal teams too

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In preparations to go to the Supreme Court, claiming to rig the US presidential election, Donald Trump’s counterpart Joe Biden’s election team said: “ Our legal team is also fully prepared, so that the result of the us presidential election may be delayed, everyone’s on trump Nigahwashington
US President Donald Trump said amidst the vote count released in several states on Wednesday that the American public was the victim of massive fraud. He also threatened to take the matter to the Supreme Court. On the other hand, rival candidate Joe Biden’s team have said they too are ready to take on Trump in court. It is believed that if Trump loses the election, he will go to the Supreme Court. In such a situation, there may be even more delay in the election results.

Biden leads the trends so far
In the vote count so far, Biden has won 224 electoral college seats while Trump has won 213. The winner must take at least 270 seats out of a total of 538. According to Fox News, considered the network of The president’s preferred information, 50% of the votes were cast by a Democratic candidate, while Trump got 48.4%.

Biden’s legal team is also ready
Reacting to this, Biden’s campaign manager called Trump’s statement scandalous, unprecedented and inaccurate. The mainstream American media criticized the president. Criticizing the president’s decision, The New York Times said no elected leader has the right to order the vote count. He also said that our legal team was also fully up to challenge him.

Trump cited unrest in the election
Trump called the election a hoax with the American public and frankly said we won that election. He also said he planned to go to the Supreme Court to stop the vote count. Without citing disruptions in the electoral process, the president said everything suddenly stopped. It’s a fraud with the American public. It is the shame of the country. We won this election.

Trump or Biden: who wants to see victory in the US presidential election?

Trump prepares to go to Supreme Court
Trump said in his White House speech Wednesday that millions of people voted for us. A group of desperate people try to discourage people from another group. We were getting ready for a big party. We were winning. But suddenly everything changed. He said he would go to the Supreme Court. He said our goal now was to ensure integrity for the good of this country. This is a great moment. It is a big fraud with our country. We want the law to be used appropriately. So we’re going to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Biden said – Hope the result
On the other hand, the Washington Post said millions of votes have yet to be counted and the results are likely to take several days. Biden, while addressing his supporters, asked them to be patient. He cited other states, including Pennsylvania and Michigan, and said he hoped to win. He said it was not his or Trump’s job to announce the winner of the election. He said it was the decision of the American people. But I am optimistic about the result.

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