America News: US Presidential Election: Biden Claims – We Will Win Over 300 Seats, Trump Says – I Can Also Speak – 2020 US Primary Election Results Latest Updates Joe Biden Says We Will Win 300 Electoral College Votes Donald Trump said i can also claim

The war of words between Donald Trump and his rival Joe Biden intensified during the US presidential election. The two candidates claim their respective victories in the elections. On Saturday, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden said we were on track to secure more than 300 votes in the constituencies. He also said that we were going to win this race (presidential election).

Trump said – Biden shouldn’t pretend he’s wrong
Relying on Biden’s statement, Donald Trump said Joe Biden should not falsely claim the presidency. I can say that too. Legal proceedings are only just beginning. As a result, Trump has not been seen publicly amid the vote count in key states, but he is active on Twitter. It is estimated that Biden received 264 votes from Electroller College, while Trump received 213 votes.

Biden leads in four of five states
Biden, 77, leads in four of the five states in terms of results. Trump followed Biden to Arizona by 38,455 votes. Likewise, Trump followed by 4,224 votes in Georgia, 22,657 in Nawada and 19,500 in Pennsylvania, but he was ahead in North Carolina by 76,587 votes. Any candidate needs at least 270 of Electroller College’s 538 votes to win a presidential election in the United States.

US presidential election result LIVE: Biden claims victory, secret service steps up security

Trump accused of false vote
Trump has challenged the credentials of the election and has widely accused him of false voting and electoral misconduct. In another tweet, the President said I was way ahead of Election Night in all of those states, but that day miraculously faded as the day went on. As our legal process progresses, this advantage will return. Earlier today, he said the presidency had grown in importance with radical left-wing Democrats attacking the Republican Senate.

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