America News: What did Biden say as soon as the way for the US presidency was cleared? Know 5 Great Things – Joe Biden in First Address After Winning US Election, Says He Will Be President Not Seeking To Divide, But To Unite

Joe Biden, who became the 46th US president, addressed his supporters for the first time since the victory. During this time he told people that I am very happy with the trust you have placed in me. He also said that after I become president, I will do the work of connecting, not breaking. During his speech, Biden tried to reassure Trump’s advisers. Know 10 great things related to his speech …

1- Don’t break, I’ll go to work
Joe Biden said I promise to be a president who will work not to break down but to connect people. Biden admitted in his speech yesterday that the election led to an increase in the gaps between Americans and that they would seek to overcome them.

2-I will not see the states in red and blue
He said that after the victory, I will no longer see the red and blue states. I will only look at all states from the perspective of the United States. I will try my heart to gain the trust of you all. States with Republican influence in US elections were shown in red and pro-democratic states in blue.

3- Told voters of African American descent – Thank you
Biden thanked voters of African American descent for his victory. He said that because of these people he had an advantage despite being late in the first games. America has been burning in the apartheid fire (Black Lives Matter) for three months. Even then, Donald Trump was accused of failing to end the riots.

4-Will will publish an action plan to stop the corona epidemic
Biden said my first job would be to stop the corona virus outbreak. He added that I would announce the creation of a committee on Monday. It will have top scientists and experts. Its plan will be implemented from January 2020.

5-Trump supporters demanded to forget bitterness
Biden also gave a message of friendship to Trump supporters, forgetting their bitterness. He said we see ourselves with a chance to forget the bitterness. Now is the time to step away from the bitter rhetoric. Let’s stop the adversaries as enemies. Biden said I would do the same for those who didn’t vote for me.

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