America sends special messenger to Taiwan to tease China, said Dragon – don’t play with fire – US envoy to UN Kelly Craft to visit Taiwan, China says play with fire

The United States is sending its special envoy to Taiwan again amid China’s continuing tensions. Since then, China has warned the United States not to play with fire. Earlier in September, US Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar and then Keith Crutch, head of the State Department, visited Taiwan. China was so furious with Keith Crutch’s visit that he sent 18 of his fighters on the plane from Taiwan.

Ignoring threats from China, Taiwan hailed
Meanwhile, Taiwan on Friday welcomed a visit by a US ambassador to be held last week of US President Donald Trump’s tenure. Taiwan’s presidential office said on Friday it was “ warmly welcoming ” the visit and The latest round of talks on the trip are still ongoing. A spokesperson for the president’s office said the visit symbolizes the strong friendship between Taiwan and the United States and will positively help to further strengthen the United States-Taiwan partnership.

US Ambassador to UN to visit Taiwan
US Ambassador Kelly Craft will visit the Taiwanese capital, Taipei, Jan. 13-15, before Joe Biden becomes the next US president. The US mission to the United Nations said the visit would further strengthen the US government’s strong support in international forums.

Ruckus on arrest of US citizen in Hong Kong
Police also arrested a US citizen in the arrest of pro-democracy leaders in Hong Kong on Wednesday under pressure from China. Since then, tensions between the United States and China have escalated again. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has criticized China, saying it should pay a heavy price.

America will ban again
The United States is said to be considering banning the officials involved in the arrest in Hong Kong. After the ban, these officials cannot come to America or buy any property. The United States has already announced sanctions against several Chinese officials. This includes several Chinese Communist Party officials stationed in Tibet and Xinjiang.

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