America shoots dragon to help Sri Lanka against China, Pompeo says

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will arrive here for a two-day visit on Tuesday. During his visit, he will meet with senior leaders of Sri Lanka. The United States seeks to balance China’s growing influence in the region. Together, he wants to pursue the common goal of an independent and open Indo-Pacific. Two weeks ago, the high-level Chinese delegation visited Sri Lanka. Today, the Chinese Embassy alleged that the United States was threatening Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan Foreign Minister invited
Pompeo arrived in New Delhi on Monday for a two-to-two dialogue between the United States and India with his Indian counterparts and Defense Minister Mark T. Espar. Pompeo will travel to Sri Lanka on Tuesday after his visit to India. His visit takes place at the invitation of Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Dinesh Gunawardena.

Largest U.S. leader to visit Sri Lanka during Trump’s tenure
The US Secretary of State will hold discussions with Sri Lankan leaders which will cover several issues of multidisciplinary fields between the two countries. He is the most senior US official to visit Sri Lanka during President Donald Trump’s tenure. Cabinet spokesman and minister Kehelia Rambukvella said U.S. diplomats will hold talks in Colombo on October 28.

America wants to make Sri Lanka in its camp
The US State Department said in a statement last week that Pompeo would be visiting Colombo and the purpose of his visit would be to underscore the US commitment to a strong and sovereign partnership with Sri Lanka. and our common goal for an independent and open Indo-Pacific region. Go forward. The Chinese military is showing its strength in the strategically important Indo-Pacific region. He is also involved in regional disputes in the South China Sea and the East China Sea.

The Chinese delegation arrived two weeks ago
About two weeks before Pompeo’s visit, a high-level delegation led by Yang Geichi, a member of the ruling Communist Party of China Politburo, visited Sri Lanka. A day before Pompeo’s visit to Colombo, the Chinese Embassy here alleged that the United States was interfering in China-Sri Lanka relations.

China accused of pressuring Sri Lanka
The Chinese Embassy said in a statement on Monday that we are strongly opposed to US intervention in Sino-Sri Lankan relations and using the foreign minister’s visit as an opportunity to exert pressure and ‘intimidate Sri Lanka. The embassy said China and Sri Lanka have sufficient understanding to manage the relationship and there is no need to receive instructions from a third party.

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