america withdraws its troops from afghanistan now china benefits

Author: Ranjit Kumar
It is ironic that America, which taught the terrorist elements in Afghanistan a lesson, is surrendering on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 to the same terrorist groups that were overthrown from power by the US airstrikes. On September 11, 2001, after Al Qaeda launched passenger plane attacks on New York and Washington, the United States destroyed Al Qaeda and Taliban positions in Kabul with long-range missiles. . But today America wants to forget about this heartbreaking incident of 9/11. Then Russia and Iran were also against the Taliban, but due to the short-sighted US policy, that equation has completely reversed today. Russia and Iran have become fiercely anti-American. He forged ties with the Taliban to teach America a lesson.

An operation by Afghan troops on the outskirts of Kabul (Photo: AP)

hoping to turn the tide
With this new equation, Pakistan, which has provided protection and military support to the Taliban for the past two decades, began to show hope of winning the losing battle. He tries to increase his importance in Afghanistan by downplaying India’s role. China, which saw the spectacle of Afghanistan from the edge two decades ago, is now trying to play a central role there. Pakistani army chief General Bajwa, who met with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani during his visit to Kabul on May 10, has not opened his cards but wishes to maintain ties with Ashraf Ghani’s government. After Bajwa paved the way in Kabul, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with the foreign ministers of Afghanistan and Pakistan and offered to host peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan democratic government. It is clear that China has a golden opportunity to fill the vacancy that America is going to create in Afghanistan and for that, China has started to take diplomatic measures.

The United States promised the Taliban that the few thousand remaining troops in Afghanistan would return home on September 11. Previously, former President Donald Trump had promised to withdraw all his troops as of May 1, but new President Joe Biden was not only to provide military and financial assistance to Afghanistan to protect democracy and human rights. man. in Afghanistan to destroy the Taliban, who kill tens of thousands of people every day. By the way, the intention of the United States was to ensure the security of Afghanistan by providing a democratic system. For this, he not only spent more than a trillion dollars but also sacrificed his two thousand five hundred soldiers. Due to his shortsighted politics, this all seems to be going downhill.

The question is who will save the current government of Ashraf Ghani from the bloody clutches of the Taliban after the departure of US forces from Afghanistan. To say that the Afghan National Army with three and a half million troops has been lifted there, but will its morale remain so strong that it will hold its own against the Taliban even after the U.S. military withdraws from its head? If China wants to side with the current democratic government, will Pakistan do the same? China has said it will continue to cooperate with the Afghan government against terrorism. But will the Taliban, which Pakistan has lifted, exert their force against Pakistan’s terrorist activities? The big dilemma before Pakistan and China is how to leave the Taliban. However, both countries have their own fears. If the jihadist group once again dominates power in Kabul, it will also give a boost to Uyghur separatist forces in China. On the other hand, Pakistan fears that the Taliban’s move in Kabul will increase the strength of terrorist groups like Tehrike Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Lashkar-e-Taiba. These organizations with their increased power can create problems for the civilian government of Pakistan with military protection.

The question is also what will happen to the leaders and women involved in the current democratic government in Kabul if the way is cleared for the Taliban-led Islamic Emirate in Kabul. It also remains to be decided who in whose hands the Taliban Shura will come to power in Kabul. There are three active Taliban shuras in Pakistan – Quetta Shura, Peshawar Shura, Miranshah Shura. Apart from that, the Taliban also have many regional warlords in Afghanistan who would like to see them take power. Will there not be a fight between them to retain power?

India’s concern
In the midst of these questions, after America’s departure from Afghanistan, China wants to strengthen its grip on future leaders by presenting itself as an intermediary between various jihadist groups and the Afghan government, so that the Chinese Uyghur separatists can be removed from Afghan soil. I couldn’t get help. It is natural that India has no role in the peace talks that are expected to be held in Beijing to welcome China. The uncertain future of Afghanistan is a matter of concern for India, as India could not only lose the $ 3 billion in development investment in that country, but also the concrete steps taken to strengthen the links with Central Asia through Afghanistan. .

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above are those of the author.

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