american ambassador to india eric garcetti: eric garcetti: biden can make his close leader an ambassador to india, know who eric garcetti is – all you need to know about the mayor of los angeles eric garcetti called to be ambassador to india

Amid mounting tensions in the Indo-Pacific region with China, US President Joe Biden appears to be taking a step closer to strengthening relations with India. Biden may soon announce his political aide and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti as ambassador to India. The name of Eric Garcetti for the post of Ambassador to India remains the subject of discussion in the American media. Let’s know who Eric Garcetti is …

The White House has announced that President Joe Biden may soon make official announcements for a number of ambassador-related posts. White House press secretary Jane Saki said: “I cannot make a personal announcement from here, but I hope we will make more formal announcements on the Rajput soon.” Saki was responding to a media report saying Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti could be the next ambassador to India.

Mayor of Los Angeles since 2013
The post of US Ambassador to India has been vacant since January 20. In the absence of a full-time ambassador, Daniel Smith, director of the Foreign Service Institute, was sent to India to take over. Now in his place, the speech on the fact that Eric Garcetti becomes the ambassador of India is in full swing. Eric Garcetti, 50, has been mayor of Los Angeles since 2013. He has served as chairman of the Los Angeles City Council.

Previously, there was a discussion that Garcetti could be appointed transport minister in the Obama administration, but Pete Butigig was appointed in his place. After battling the Corona virus, businesses are reopening in Los Angeles. Garcetti had said earlier that he would rather try to end the outbreak in Los Angeles than join the Biden administration.

India can also benefit from Garcetti’s experiences
In January 2020, Garcetti backed Biden’s nomination as president. Garcetti co-chaired the Biden committee. If Garcetti’s name is announced as Indian Ambassador, it will be necessary to obtain Senate approval. Garcetti’s name is being discussed at a time when India is suffering from the ravages of the Corona virus. The second wave of corona virus causes millions of cases in India every day and a large number of people die. India could also benefit from Garcetti’s experiences in managing the Corona outbreak. At the same time, Biden can send a strong message to named China to his colleague who is eyeing Ladakh.

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