American couple exchanges rings practically in NFT wedding form in futuristic Shaadi: unique virtual wedding in America, ‘digital ring’ worn online, dare to swear

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In the US state of California, a very unique marriage was witnessed in the work of the crypto currency exchange platform and the couple got married on March 14 wearing a digital ring on their finger that was used as NFT in California.
A very unique wedding has been witnessed in the US state of California. Here, a couple Rebecca Rose and Peter Kacherginski work in the US crypto currency exchange platform. The two tied the knot on March 14. The couple wore a digital ring on their finger in the form of NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Rebecca said on Twitter that this ring practically exists as a blockchain so anyone in the world can see her unbridled love. This ring is now present in the other’s cryptocurrency jack. In this marriage, not only the ring, but the two also swore virtual. Rebecca said: “ Since we both work in Coinbase, the marriage contract has also been released as a digital artwork that exists in our cryptocurrency wallet as NXT.

NXT name ‘Tabat’
To make the whole matter personal, the name of this NXT is “Tabat” which means ring in the Hebrew language. He posted a video showing how the two take their vows. This whole wedding program was not only very interesting, it was about the couple who had a similar interest. His post has now gone viral on social media. A lot of people are retweeting this tweet.

One user said: “Who would have thought of such a marriage until a few years ago”. While many people have congratulated this couple, many have asked about the whole process of marriage. Let us know the world is moving towards rapid digitization. In this sequence, the name of NFT has been used a lot in recent days. It is a non-fungible token. This can be called a crypto token. All supposedly unique technical art. In addition, it is established that if a particular person owns it, it is called NFT i.e. non-functional token. Nowadays, investors are paying special attention to those things which are only available online. Along with that, it is also unique.

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