American Covid Antiviral Drug Merck Molnupiravir Oral Antiviral Pill News: Antiviral Drug Made In America To Fight Coronavirus

The work of manufacturing anti-Covid tablets is taking place on a war footing in America, which has suffered the most deaths from the Corona virus. The US government is prepared to spend up to $ 3 billion to develop this drug. This antiviral drug will work to protect humans against infection with the corona virus. The drug is expected to be ready by the last month of 2021.

America to launch antiviral program
The country’s leading infectious disease expert, Dr Anthony Fauci, announced the investment during a White House briefing. The investment will be made as part of a new antiviral program for pandemics aimed at developing drugs to relieve symptoms caused by potentially dangerous viruses such as the coronavirus.

Possible launch of some drugs by the end of next year
Medicines developed for Kovid will be used to reduce symptoms after infection. These are currently in the development phase and could arrive by the end of the year when the clinical trials are completed. The funding will speed up clinical trials and provide additional support to the private sector in research, development and manufacturing. He said certain treatments exist for many viruses with pandemic potential. But vaccines clearly remain at the center of our preparation.

Medicines will also be manufactured for other diseases
The US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) said Thursday it will help develop drugs for other potentially pandemic diseases, given future threats posed by the virus. The United States prepared five effective corona vaccines in record time last year at a cost of $ 18 billion. Due to this success, a program to manufacture an effective antiviral drug was started. This medicine will destroy the corona virus itself at first.

America will buy 15 lakh doses as soon as it is approved
The US administration has already announced that if this antiviral drug is approved for emergency use, it alone will purchase more than 1.5 million doses. This drug is manufactured by the famous American pharmaceutical company Merck. The DHHS has revealed that it is already conducting clinical trials on 19 types of curative agents. Many of these drugs are also expected to gain FDA approval within the next year.

The Trump administration had insisted on the vaccine itself
This funding for America to manufacture antiviral drugs was actually made possible by ameliorating an old Trump administration decision. During his tenure, Trump launched Operation Warp Speed ​​to manufacture the Corona vaccine. During this time, a lot of money was given to many pharmaceutical companies for the manufacture of the vaccine. The administration at that time had shown no interest in developing another method for the treatment of Kovid other than the vaccine. Now the Biden administration is funding different methods of treatment by changing the old rules.

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