American Covid Vaccine Trinidad and Tobago: United States donates 80 vials of Pfizer vaccine to Trinidad and Tobago: United States donates 80 vials of Pfizer Covid vaccine to Trinidad and Tobago

These days America is engaged in vaccine diplomacy to save the world by fighting the corona virus. After applying the dose of Kovid vaccine to most of the citizens of its country, the US administration is providing it to the rest of the countries as a priority. Meanwhile, the United States has sent 80 vials of vaccine to Trinidad and Tobago, a Caribbean country. America has been busy promoting this charity through its embassy. However, his propaganda strategy backfired.

China’s social media mockery
On social networks, Internet users are reacting strongly to this gift from America. Most users don’t care about the American way of campaigning by donating such a small amount of vaccine. Not only that, many journalists and users in China compare the shipment of the vaccine sent to Trinidad and Tobago from their country. China had provided 2 lakh doses of Sinopharm vaccine to this country a few days ago.

200 people will receive the vaccine from 80 vials
Users say a box of Pfizer’s Kovid vaccine contains 195 vials. In such a situation, America provides vials of vaccine to countries upon opening the box. One vial of Pfizer contains 5 doses. In such a situation, only 400 doses will be manufactured from 80 vials sent to Trinidad and Tobago. This vaccine confers immunity to humans in two doses. In such a situation, only 200 people will be able to be vaccinated from 80 vials.

A user named Burhan Hayat wrote, I think I gave too much, ask for something in return.

Chen Weihua, China Daily’s bureau chief in the European Union, joked that the dose was appropriate for donating to a nursing home, not the whole country.

A user named Huasi Chen mocked China by retweeting the tweet from the Chinese Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago Donating Vaccines.

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