American girl goes viral for flaunting her 5-inch-long middle finger in TikTok video: Girl shows 5-inch-long middle finger in Tiktok video, Internet Storm

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A video of Olivia Murcia living in the United States created an internet storm. In this viral video, Olivia shows off her 5 inch long middle finger. After this video went viral, Olivia’s ticket rose to 22,000 followers in Washington. .
A video of 16-year-old Olivia Murcia, from Arizona, United States, created an internet storm. In this video, Olivia shows off her 5 inch middle finger. Olivia, who aspires to be a model, posted this funny video of herself on the video-sharing site TickTalk in which she shows her finger.

At the end of the video, she ends up showing her 5 inch middle finger on the camera. After this video went viral, Olivia’s Ticketcock grew to 22,000 subscribers. This video has been viewed over 40 million times on Tiktok in a very short period of time. Olivia said she didn’t feel sure about the size of her finger.

Olivia plans to write an article on Middle Finger
Tittock Star said he later admitted his middle finger was too big and it was quite fun. He then decided to make a video. Olivia also said in her video that her thumbs are very bad. Now users are asking them to show their thumbs. Olivia said she was considering writing an article on her long middle finger.

Olivia said she was working hard to get into modeling. She hoped that her video would reach a lot of people and that it would go a long way in starting her modeling career. Olivia said it appears her videos have reached many celebrities in the modeling industry. Speaking of scientific facts, a woman’s hand measures 6.8 inches. This means that Olivia’s huge middle finger is almost equal to another woman’s hand.

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