American main motorcade: mysterious car seen with Biden can wreak havoc around the world – roadrunner knows all about us President Joe Biden

The new president of the world’s most powerful country, America, Joe Biden, became the country’s 46th president on Wednesday. Meanwhile, a mysterious car appeared in Biden’s convoy. This car that followed Beiden’s Beiden car. Secret service vehicles and men armed with deadly weapons were present at all times around this six-door car. After seeing this car, the discussion started on social media about what this car with a round mystery antenna is and what its job is. All about the “Fort” of Joe Biden in motion …..

Roadrunner, the moving “ fort ” of the American president

The code name of this secret service car deployed under the protection of US President Joe Biden is “Roadrunner”. This car is manufactured by The Armored Group Company. The black-painted six-door car has a modern antenna. This antenna is capable of contacting the US President from any person in the world in any weather and in any situation. It mainly provides a very secure satellite communication gateway and a WiFi router for the White House. It has the potential to become a command vehicle in times of crisis. With the help of the roadrunner, the American president, armed with nuclear weapons, can contact the Department of Defense and order the military to intervene anywhere. This makes high speed internet available all the time. All communication can be blocked using its mysterious dome antenna.

Drone or missile catches any danger roadrunner

With the help of the roadrunner, Secret Service personnel can stop the attack from a distance. Not only that, it is able to instantly identify car bomb shells or attack drones. Where the American President travels in the car “The Beast” which is like a tank in itself. The roadrunner was once called the single scull or the wallet. Simply put, this is the US President’s private phone booth, with the help of which Biden can safely reach his military commanders whenever he wants. It works directly with the help of the American intelligence satellite. The Road Runner runs on flat tires and is bomb proof to protect it from any attack. Such a car has been in the US President’s convoy since the 1970s. The last car is manufactured by Ford which was incorporated in 2018.

A nuclear attack can be carried out anywhere in the world

Experts say that in principle, with the help of the roadrunner, the US president can order an attack with a nuclear bomb anywhere in the world. The United States possesses more than 4,000 nuclear weapons that it has placed on alert on nuclear submarines and other targets. Following the order of the US President, the atomic bomb can be fired at the enemy through a missile, bomber or submarine. American presidents go all over the world, this vehicle moves with them like a shadow. When Donald Trump came to India, this roadrunner was seen in Gujarat. 10 people can sit in the transport variant of this vehicle. The Road Runner named in 2018 is named F350 Super Duty.

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