American Museum in Texas removes wax statue of Donald Trump as onlookers continue to beat him

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Donald Trump may have been removed from power, but the hatred of the people has not diminished.Alm, it is that the wax statue of Trump was installed in Texas, which caused the people to hit bags , forcing the museum to see the people’s anger. He had to suppress Washington
Donald Trump may have pulled out of power after the US presidential defeat last year, but people’s hatred for him has not abated. Alam is that a wax wax statue of Trump was placed in Texas, angry people took the punch bag and hit him. Seeing people’s anger for the Trump statue, the museum was forced to remove it.

The wax statue of Trump was installed in the Luis Tussaud Wax Museum in San Antonio, Texas, along with Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in 2019. This idol has suffered many setbacks these days. last days. People who come here often hit this trump idol, causing scratches on the face. This scratch was clearly visible on the face.
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The idol is now kept in the museum’s storage room
Clue Stewart, the owner of the museum, said when it comes to a statue of a politically known figure, an attack can be a problem. In view of this, the administration removed the Trump statue for a while. This statue is now kept in the museum’s storage room. It is not yet known when the statue will be reused.

Stewart also feared the Trump statue would never return. As soon as the statue of current President Joe Biden reaches the museum, it will be installed for the exhibit so that tourists can view it. I hope Biden’s idol doesn’t get strong punches and scratches on his face.

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