AMMDE launches its job bank

Coinciding with the start of the year, of the Multisectoral Association of Women Managers and Entrepreneurs, we launched our JOB EXCHANGE AMMDE, with the aim of making the most of the talents that we cherish in our Association.

With the AMMDE EMPLOYMENT EXCHANGE, and in response to the growing demand for female profiles by companies and organizations, AMMDE provides headhunters and talent recruitment firms with the full potential of our associates, an ecosystem of women entrepreneurs, managers and professionals who collects the sectoral diversity of the economy in Spain.

THE AMMDE JOB EXCHANGE is structured around three objectives and specific professional situations:

Women are actively looking for work. Women in professional career development. Women of executive maturity for boards of directors.

To date, we have signed agreements with EXECUTIVES ON GO, TALENGO, ALEMANY & PARTNERS, BPM Banco de Profesionales y Managers and EXCELLENT SEARCH. In the coming days, we will formalize agreements with EUROMANAGER and other companies at national and international level.

We also proudly point out that we have two #SociasAMMDE among the signatories of these agreements. This is Marta Garca-Valenzuela, Partner for Diversity and Inclusive Leadership at TALENGO, and author of “Hroes de la Diversidad” (2019). And Gloria Fernndez, Managing Partner of EXECUTIVES ON GO. Highly active and focused on their commitment to AMMDE and women’s professional careers, Marta and Gloria both have extensive experience in finding, recruiting, developing, retaining and repositioning talent.

Now is the time and opportunity to learn a lesson in leadership, which is one that all multilateral organizations have been proclaiming for years: that diversity in decision-making levels is crucial for a more just, prosperous and sustainable world. . and united. And that in no case can female talent be wasted, because this implies a decline in GDP growth and an obstacle to global governance.

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