An adequate work environment, the key to improving business productivity after the COVID-19 pandemic

An adequate work environment, the key to improving business productivity after the COVID-19 pandemic

According to data obtained in the LABOR PANORAMA 2020 Latin America and Caribbean report published by the International Labor Organization (ILO), it is estimated that the labor market has declined on average 10 years in the last 10 months, due to the economic crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic and that despite the efforts of governments, this crisis is far from over. It is therefore important that organizations make the best use of resources to improve their business performance and thus avoid job losses.

Workers are the most important resource in organizations and they must work in a healthy environment, with stable and respectful working relationships, which help the worker to commit to the organization, to feel identified with its objectives. and working together to reach them. “Knowing the working environment of companies is a fundamental tool to identify red eyes that can endanger their physical and mental health and improve productivity,” signed Irasema Gonzalez, general manager of the Mexican Association for the Development and organizational well-being (ASCEND)

The work environment makes it possible to achieve business objectives, because a suitable work environment improves the performance and performance of employees. “The work environment is the environment that predominates in the workplace, that is to say the way in which employees interact with the company and the environment, it can be the facilities, the work tools. , colleagues, bosses. It is directly linked to the state of mind of employees and their satisfaction with the company ”. says Oscar Mercado, vice president of professional wellness at ASCEND.

According to data from the ILO (International Labor Organization), the quantity and quality of employment in Mexico could be worsened by the crisis the world is experiencing. The total number of jobs at high risk of being affected by the pandemic exceeds 24 million, representing 44% of total employment in Mexico. Certain population groups are more vulnerable to the effects of the health and economic crisis. The country has also seen a decline in formal jobs, considering that, according to IMSS, 1,117,584 formal jobs were lost from March to July 2020. Most were permanent jobs, it is expected that the recovery of these jobs will not recover. will not happen quickly. path.

“This is why, today more than ever, the conditions of our employees must be taken into account and thus generate a mutual commitment that benefits both parties and specifically and consequently to the national economy” comments Irasema Gonzalez, who has devoted more than 15 years in the fields of training and administration of human resources.

It is important to know the working environment of our organizations because it helps to achieve the objectives of the companies because having a good working environment, the collaborators have better performances and performances. “Not knowing that the company’s work environment is like driving a car without a dashboard, we can get to our destination, but we don’t know at what cost. Knowing the working climate in our organization helps us to identify the relevant aspects that set red lights in the company, and we can correct them, to achieve the objectives of the organization in a more fluid way. »Emphasizes Oscar Mercado.

Maintaining a good working environment brings the following benefits:

Improve employee performance. Have a pleasant and friendly environment. Balance workloads for better results. Permanence of employees in positions and eliminate staff turnover. Identify areas that generate tension and apply mechanisms to improve them. Avoid trash and waste. Avoid restatements generated by poor communication Generate employee commitment and loyalty to the organization.

For this reason, there is a series of tools on the market that help employers and human resources departments to know and assess the working environment that exists in work centers and thus take the necessary measures to improve the quality. of employees’ lives. improves the performance of the organization. Thus, questionnaires and in-depth interviews can be applied, as well as in-depth studies by specialized consultants who generate a real picture of the state of the organization in its internal lines.

“At ASCEND, we have a team of business consulting professionals who support businesses, recognition, assessment and action to generate more competitive businesses that achieve set goals, especially in this time of year. he economy needs an urgent and lasting recovery. “. The ASCEND director concludes.

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