“An alarm has been generated which does not correspond to the risk”

Publication: Saturday April 10, 2021 2:56 PM

In the face of skepticism about vaccines, especially the AstraZeneca vial, experts are sending a message: vaccines, all, are safe. laSexta brings together recognized voices who, with the data in hand, defend the role of these vaccines in ending the coronavirus pandemic.

Daniel López Acuña, epidemiologist and former director of WHO, highlights the result of the study by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products, in which they claim that only 0.18% of side effects were recorded in these vaccines. Analyst Rafael Vilasanjuan admits that the results obtained are better than those of the preliminary studies.

Although zero risk does not exist in medicine, they claim that if real time monitoring had been done like that which is done with these vaccines with other drugs, “we would have found these situations or even more serious ones. “As López Acuña says. Alfredo Corell believes that with all this,” an alarm that does not correspond to the risk “of vaccines has been created.

Would the import of the Sputnik V vaccine solve this situation? Experts do not see this clearly, because its production capacity “is not large enough to supply the world”, explains López Acuña. “Does Europe change anything if it takes the Russian vaccine? For now, no. Any production of a Russian vaccine will suppress the production of a European or American vaccine in Europe,” adds Vilasanjuan.

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