An ancient meteor discovered in Antarctica could help assess the destructive threat of asteroids on Earth: a four-million-year-old meteorite discovered in Antarctica will free Earth from the “ catastrophe ”!

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Scientists hope that the meteorite will be able to understand the danger of asteroids with the help of this meteorite.
A team of space scientists based in Kent, UK, have found fragments of a 4-lakh meteorite dating back 30 thousand years under the Antarctic ice cap. This discovery sparked a wave of happiness among scientists. They hope that with the help of this ancient meteorite, we can assess the kind of danger the earth can receive from medium-sized asteroids.

The research team said that with the help of a meteorite, the asteroid’s devastating results can be assessed. Scientists have found fragments of this meteorite on the Walnumfjellet peak in East Antarctica. This discovery indicates that the meteorite, which had been observed in the lower orbit, fell very quickly to Earth. He said this meteorite must be at least 100 meters long.

Meteorite fragments found in Antarctica

Meteorite impact up to about 2000 km
University of Kent medical scientist Matthias Vaughan said the meteorite’s impact may have been around 2,000 km or near a subcontinent. Research published in the journal published in the journal Science Advance indicates that it is very important to gather evidence of such incidents as it will explain the history of meteorites hitting the Earth and the dangerous effects of dangerous asteroids.

Dr Vaughan said the likelihood of the asteroid hitting the densely populated area of ​​Earth is very low, but it can have a huge effect. Only 1 percent of the Earth’s surface is densely populated. Vaughan said the impact of an asteroid strike would be felt thousands of miles away. He said that with the help of this meteorite, the impact on the earth can be understood.

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