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For years, all multinationals and large companies have computerized their labor management services. In this way, they carry out any procedure without having to handle paper or assign staff to face-to-face management with the various working bodies of the administration.

However, today there are a lot of SMEs and freelancers with employees who do not use this resource, perhaps thinking that its implementation will be complicated. And nothing could be further from the truth, as we will see below.

What does it consist of

Computerized work management makes it possible to automate and perform telematically any task derived from the relationship between the company and its workers, such as hiring, payroll, quotes or formal communications. On the other hand, this computerized system allows the telematic execution of any procedure related to the general treasury of social security, including registrations, cancellations, accident reports, binding consultations and payment of fees.

To implement this system in your business, you will only need three things: a computer, the appropriate software, and someone with knowledge of work management.

Implementation of a work management software

The first step is to register the company in the RED (Electronic Document Remission) system of Social Security, which is accessed via an electronic certificate provided by the same body.

After the leave, social security itself offers a free program called SILTRA. This program allows the electronic exchange of information between the company and the General Treasury of Social Security.

You must also install DELTA, another free software which allows you to make the electronic declaration of industrial accidents, as well as any other procedure related to safety at work.

Finally, you will need a program for accomplishing the tasks related to the payroll of the workers. If you are not yet using software of this type, you have several options available on the market, although the most famous and used today is the NominaPlus.

Training of labor management personnel

It is very possible that you already have an employee that you trust, with sufficient knowledge and experience in work management. But, in addition, it is absolutely essential that you know and know how to use the new computer tools, to get the most out of them.

The latter is very easy to achieve, because by taking an online course lasting only 150 hours, your current job manager will acquire, assuming he does not have it yet, the training to manage your new job system. computerized management with ease. .

Benefits of computerized work management

Reduced personnel costs: There is no need to have a dedicated employee to perform face-to-face administrative procedures and procedures. On the other hand, payroll and contribution data are automatically shared with Social Security, avoiding tasks related to their communication. Save on office supplies: Forget about old files, paper, toner and filing cabinets. Convenience and immediacy: any procedure is done easily and instantly, without waiting or paperwork.

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