“An officer pointed at me and fired. I dodged him.”

Publication: Thursday, February 18, 2021 1:34 PM

Her name is Laia and she is a friend of the young woman who lost an eye while protesting in Catalonia against the arrest of rapper Pablo Hasél. In an interview with the SER network, Laia recounted how they had to convince her friend to go to the protest.

“She is in favor of the cause, but she didn’t have much emotion coming to the demonstration; in fact, she had to be convinced. We had come down from Place Lesseps with the banners to the riot police. There was an atmosphere where we wanted to fight. Peacefully, we hadn’t achieved anything. There was a container of greens, made of glass, overturned and we started taking bottles and throwing them to the riot squads. Laia explains.

She admits to throwing bottles at the police, “the distance was so great. So much so that even though I kept throwing bottles, they were a meter from her feet.” Then, according to the account “an agent aimed at me, shot, I dodged him and when I looked there was a person next to me injured.”

At that point, in the midst of the chaos, they started calling for ambulances. It was later that she learned that her friend was one of the injuries: “she had long lost sight of it”.

“If we are to end up destroying Barcelona so that they pay attention to the citizens, I am for”

Laia admits that she doesn’t regret “anything I did, but I feel guilty because I threw the bottle away and she shouldn’t be hurt.”

In addition, it justifies the importance of defending freedom of expression and underlines the unease of young people with an uncertain future due to the crisis. “We don’t get anything with demonstrations with banners. If you look back, you think of all the rights that we got, it’s because of the people who have raised their arms and said so far.”

Regarding what motivates them to go out, he admits that he knows they won’t get Hasel’s freedom by throwing bottles at the police, but he thinks that’s how they speak. “We don’t know what to do to be heard anymore and it seems the only way to do that is to destroy everything. If we are to end up destroying Barcelona for the citizens to listen, I am for it.”

Open investigation

An investigation is already open to clarify the circumstances in which a young woman lost an eye during the demonstrations this Tuesday in Catalonia against the arrest of rapper Pablo Hasél.

The events were qualified as “serious” by the general manager of Mossos Pere Ferrer. “The injury appears to be that he will eventually lose vision in one eye, we regret his injuries,” Ferrer said.

According to their data, more than 120 foams were launched Wednesday evening and 300 the day before. “If it is shown that the injury of the young woman is foam, the Mossos will see if the action is correct,” they added.

In total, 135 containers were set on fire, there are 33 detainees and 14 injured taken care of by the SEM, including 8 Mossos.

From human rights entity Iridia, they denounced the assault in which a young woman lost one eye while showing a foam bullet that was allegedly fired by the Mossos d’Esquadra during the riots. And they call for a “thorough review” of the use of precision projectiles in riot control. In addition, they claim that two other protesters were shot in the head with foam bullets also during the protests on Tuesday.

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