An opportunity, a corrective

In the face of steers such as those dealt with in La Maestranza, the same question always arises: is it an opportunity or a correction for the winning bullfighters of the season? Because like this, like the winners, they advertised themselves on the posters. triple. It was known that Rocío de la Cámara’s iron was not the most appropriate for these young people with possibilities to leave the fair thrown.

They have been thrown, yes, but towards the well of despair because the worst predictions were fulfilled: the steers were solemnly bad. Uneven in workmanship, but all very even in terms of meekness, lack of caste and bad ideas. The six offered a terrible game on the horses, did not humiliate any of them, and only the fourth allowed Calerito to allow himself some relaxation on the crutch because he stood out more for his silly nobility than for his bad condition.

Already the first tore the satchel of junior Juan Cañaveral in a defeat at the start of a pair of flags, two somersaults gave Jorge Martínez the second in a remove, and another was carried in his first. He went to the infirmary and was diagnosed with a contusion on his right thigh and a blow to the right; Calerito did not get rid of a scare in the fourth, and a blow to the right groin was carried away by junior Juan Rojas when he flagged the sixth. Anyway, a number.

De la Cámara / Calerito, Diosleguarde, Martínez

Rocío de la Cámara steers, unequal in workmanship, very tame, lackluster and outcast.

Juan P. García Calerito: prick, thrust and a pithing (ovation); almost completely crossed _warning_ and a pithing (strong request and return).

Manuel Diosleguarde: prick and thrust (ovation); prick and lunge (ovation).

Jorge Martínez: two pricks and three locks (ovation); lunge, four hairs and the calf lies down (silence).

Plaza de La Maestranza. 28 of September. Ninth fair celebration. Slightly less than half an entrance on a capacity of 60 percent.

None of the steers allowed themselves to fight with the cape, and only Diosleguarde – what a good last name for those who risk life – could draw a couple of veronicas at the second calf. And all, with the exception of the noble room, squandered bad class, lack of zeal, caste and nobility in the final third. accumulated a range of defects, Calerito waited for the fourth on his knees in the media -more and more, the former gayola portagayola is closer to the hydrant- and he was able to show off in passionate and accelerated veronicas and chicuelinas that encouraged those lying down. The goofy onslaught of the animal allowed the bulldog to draw some acceptable runs on both sides that made the music play. The supreme luck was not very orthodox and that would be the reason that weighed so that the president did not remove the handkerchief to grant him the ear that the public requested. The company’s correction was joined by the ungenerous demand from the box.

Diolesguarde points out good manners, tries to use deception naturally and drew some interesting crutches; and Jorge Martínez, the most beaten of the afternoon, showed that he has the courage and power to get ahead. He made a real face, without being daunted at any time, endured untimely glances, and left in the wake of a bullfighter with a future.

The question remains in the air: an opportunity or a corrective? And that they were the winners of the season …

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