Ana Pastor and Enrique López defend Cospedal’s “presumption of innocence” and demand “respect” for the decision not to open a case concerning him

Posted: Saturday June 05, 2021 3:12 PM

PP leaders avoided evaluating the decision of the party’s rights and guarantees committee, which confirmed that it would not open an information case against María Dolores de Cospedal, who was being investigated for alleged misappropriation of documents. funds, influence peddling and corruption in the “Kitchen” case.

Enrique López, Secretary of Justice and Home Affairs of the PP, defended that “the competent body for this has already ruled”, and asked for “the maximum respect” both for the decision of the Committee of Rights and guarantees of the Party, and for the Judicial Power and the presumption of innocence ”.

This argument was echoed this Saturday by other voices of the party, such as Ana Pastor, former president of the Congress of Deputies, who demanded “respect for the decisions of the Commission”, and “recalled the presumption of innocence” of who was his party secretary general.

For now, the People’s Party will wait if the judge of the National Court opens an oral trial against its former secretary general María Dolores de Cospedal. In this case, the file would be disciplinary.

The internal body which ruled on Cospedal and chaired by Andea Levy, affirms that the statutes of the party provide for the opening of an information file when the member commits corruption in the exercise of a public or representative function. In this sense, Andrea Levy, president of the commission of rights and guarantees of the PP, defended that “Cospedal was not a public office, therefore the regulation does not apply”, although the same article, and in the same paragraph, provides an information file for “conduct incompatible with the ethical duties” of the party.

However, Jorge Fernández Díaz did not suffer the same fate as Cospedal, as a case was opened to him without delay when he was charged. The PP argues that, unlike Cospedal, Fernández Diaz commanded the Interior Ministry at the time of the events. “At that time, he was exercising public responsibilities,” said Lévy, who argues that, for this reason, they did not wait for the opening of the oral trial.

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