Ancient amphibian called caecilian spotted in America looks like a worm

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Strange animal found in American Channel DNA investigation revealed organism’s species can replace both soil and water
Over the past few days you must have seen photos of a strange insect-like creature on social media. The creature seen in the photo is not a rubber toy. It is an amphibian that was recently discovered in the Tamiyami Channel of South Florida. This animal, which lives on both land and water, was discovered by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

species older than dinosaurs
It took a long time for scientists to identify the animal, found a mile south of Miami International Airport. He is known under the name of “Cécilien”. This was detected after DNA testing. It is also known as Typhlonectes natan which was found even before dinosaurs. The social media post said the scientists used a DNA test to identify the animal.

Little information but not dangerous
Coleman Sheaey said little information was available on the Caecilian but it was not dangerous. Coleman is the Manager of the Herpetology Collection at the Florida Museum of Natural History. He said very little is known about this animal. Although there is nothing particularly dangerous about it and it does not look like a predator.

Make small animals his prey
He said he may have eaten small animals and larger animals would prey on them. It may be another non-native species found in South Florida. Caecilians are mainly found in the tropics of South and Central America, Africa and South Asia. They are mostly hidden in the ground and in the steam.

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