Ancient human figures found in Tanzanian caves, why are experts surprised?

Dodoma archaeological experts have found three human-like figures on a rock whose heads resemble a buffalo. This ancient work of art was found in the African country of Tanzania. Most of the figures found here are made of red dye while five are white. Paintings of humans as well as pets and giraffes have also been found. It is believed that it may be associated with the rituals there. Three images were found at the site of Amak’hee 5 refuge at Swag Game Reserve in Tanzania. According to a study published in the journal Antiquity, most of them are in perfect condition because the rocks covering them protect them from running water and the sun. A typical painting shows three humans with buffalo heads. According to the researchers, there is no such mention in the information relating to the ancestors of the people who live in this place today, but this is indicated by some traditions, which one of the Sundavis still believe. The art is centuries old, according to this, during a ritual the situation between man and animal was considered an important element. Archaeologists believe these figures are a few hundred years old. However, due to the change in the environment, it is considered a mere guess. No data on this type of artwork in central Tanzania. Therefore, it is difficult to say with precision the age of these figures. However, it has been speculated that they could be nomadic predatory species. Research will be carried out and it is believed that there are many such figures in this area, on which no formal research has been published. There are plans to publish data on rocks in the area based on more research here. Not long before, halusinogen-based art was also discovered in a cave in California. Archaeologists believed that the artwork was made with a metal flower. It must have been used in spiritual rituals.

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