ancient mysterious object: ancient archaeological object confused Expert: shocked antique object expert

During a TV show, a couple came up with something that even the experts couldn’t recognize. This mysterious object is said to date from the 16th century. This couple says that for 90 years this wooden object has been in their family but no one knows what it is or what work will be done with it. The couple showed the stool-shaped object to expert Ronnie Archer-Morgan.

The woman said it belonged to her stepfather but no one knew. It is used as a stool but Ronnie said it was quite heavy. He said it appears to be used on a ship. Regarding this, the couple said their ancestors worked at Milford Wharf and they traveled in 1900. The expert then said he was feeling well.

They say it would have been used to decimate things like lentils or chickpeas on the ship. He explained that as it is made, it must have been used to keep it stable and to keep something heavy on it. Ronnie said that while it’s unclear what it is or what it will be used for, someone will definitely donate £ 1,500 and £ 2,500 for it.

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