Ancient pure gold coin can be sold for crores at auction in Britain

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An ancient coin can be sold for 20million, made of ‘pure’ gold with silver and copper, was discovered in Britain in March of last year in London.
An ancient and very valuable coin was found last year in the hands of a scavenger hunt in Britain. This Anglo-Saxon coin was discovered using a metal detector in West Dean on the border of Wiltshire and Hampshire. 30 pence gold coins were found in March of last year. It is estimated that in an auction it can sell for around 200,000 pounds, or around two crore rupees.

man searched for treasure for 8 years
According to media reports, the coin weighs 4.82 grams. It is said to have been sunk in the sand between 802 and 839 during the time of Ecgbert, king of the West Saxons. The diameter of the coin is less than one inch. The coin is expected to fetch a huge amount at the auction. The auction will take place on September 8 and will be hosted by auctioneers Dix Noonan Webb. Reports suggest that the person who discovered the coin had been searching for the treasure for 8 years.

like the button at first sight
He had roamed the Wiltshire and Hampshire border for many years in search of coins. One day suddenly, while walking with the metal detector, he heard the sound of the indicator in the metal detector at one place. He searched the place where this piece was found. At first glance, he saw it as a broken button on a shirt, which must have been gilded with gold. Looking at it more closely, he realized that it was not a button but a gold coin.

Besides gold, silver and copper are also present.
The title of King Ecgborhat Rex is inscribed around a monogram of the word Saxon on the coin. Peter Preston-Morley, head of the coins department at Dix Noonan Web, revealed that King Ecgberhat’s gold coins were completely unknown until their discovery in 2020. According to a report in Mirror, the coin was examined in June 2021, which found it to be ‘pure gold’. The investigation revealed that very small amounts of silver and copper are also present there.

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