Ander Gil, elected president of the Senate, undertakes to favor “constructive debate”

Update: Monday, July 12, 2021 5:25 PM

Posted: 12.07.2021 17:23

Burgos Senator Ander Gil obtained 132 votes which exceed the required simple majority, after having in a first attempt retained, with the same result, only one vote of the absolute majority of the 133 seats necessary to elect a president in first instance.

In addition to the support of his group, which now has 113 senators, Gil won the support of other leftist formations, while the 100 PP senators voted white.

For his part, Ander Gil promised to promote “until exhaustion” the “constructive debate” respecting the opponent “from the reason of the arguments” because this will be “the most powerful tool” to fight against ” political disaffection and hate speech “. “.

He also asked to ban “all that offends and impoverishes” the dialogue and chose to add “as much as possible” because thus, he underlined before the hemicycle, “the good will be multiplied” and the more of 80,000 victims of the pandemic “We must join forces and confront our legitimate differences with an unequivocal goal: the common good, coexistence.”

Senator de Burgos announced a “feminist presidency” in her speech to the plenary session after being elected to replace the new Minister of Justice, Pilar Llop, whose wake in her commitment against gender-based violence has vowed to continue , to the point of considering an “institutional priority” to fight against violence against women.

But he waited until the end of his speech to sum up what he now expects from politics: “Let’s work for a greener, more digital, more inclusive, more feminist future. Let’s be faithful, let’s be courageous.” And he chose to preserve “the heritage and the responsibility which have been entrusted to us” before concluding: “Let us leave a country even better than the one we have the honor of having received”.

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