Andry Rajoelina: Madagascar foils an assassination attempt against the president

Police arrested six people in connection with the failed assassination attempt on Madagascan President Andrey Rajolina. It is said that one of those arrested is of French nationality while two others have dual French and Malagasy nationality. After this plot was dismantled, the security of President Andrey Rajolina was tightened. The Malagasy Minister of Public Security, Rodaleis Phanomgentsoa Randianrisson, said that the questioning of these people by the police was underway. Madagascar has long been a colony of France.

Two defendants served in the French army
Madagascar’s attorney general said six people were arrested in the case after a month-long investigation. Patrick Rajoelina, adviser to President Andrey Rajolina, said on Friday that two of those arrested had previously served in the French army. The French Foreign Ministry said it had been informed of the arrest of French nationals. Taken people can apply if they can get consular assistance.

The French army denies any comment
The French armed forces declined to comment on the role of retirees involved in the incident. Patrick Rajoelina said several measures have already been taken to strengthen the president’s security. We have ample evidence of this conspiracy. We certainly don’t take it lightly. There is also a naval base in Reunion, near Madagascar.

History of political violence in Madagascar
Madagascar has a history of political violence and instability. Andrey Rajolina, 44, was sworn in as president in 2019 after a tough election that beat his rival. Then the question of his victory in the elections was taken to court. Andrey Rajolina first seized power after a coup in March 2009. He held power as head of a transitional government until 2014.

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